Thursday, August 19, 2010

Living Walls The City Speaks 2010


I have been waiting for the new B.I.P. post talking all about the awesome Atlanta conference that opened last weekend. There is NOTHING more fitting for this blog's theme. Our good friend, Monica Campana (what, what?!), was half of the team that organized street artists from all over the world converging in a warehouse in Atlanta for a week. I'm not sure there is a worse idea in exsistence; a wonderful, stupid, amazing idea. The AC in the warehouse (Eyedrum) kept the temperature inside down to about 90 degrees. You cannot possibly imagine the fatal mix of sweat, paint fumes, and more beer than the weight of everyone there. The most accurate explaination I've heard is when I was going home Thursday night (after forcing strangers into manual labor for a structurally questionable door hanging -> should have taken physics) someone said, "you can't go home now, it's street art summer camp!" I'm saving up vacation time for next year.

One corner of the wall of bikes, don't worry they were ALL fixed gear.

The borrowed studio space for artists with one bathroom to share.

New tattoo

The amazing Ms. Campana

Since everyone else in the world has posted amazing pictures of the actual art and my photos of the walls aren't all together edited yet, I'll just link to some of the pages rather than poaching the pictures (like i did with the ones above).


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