Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lower Dens


Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering what Jana Hunter has been up to lately? I really do. It's sort of the same thing as wondering where all the good indie rock went. In that either one of them could be anywhere. Ms. Hunter moves a lot and is as materially elusive as her haunted folk music is elusive in its basic nature.

Recently she has been found  in Baltimore, fronting a band called Lower Dens. They have a single even:

"Hospice Gates"

I have the crazy feeling from this of a big wind coming up. Of something good and strange on the way. Their album, Twin-Hand Movement, is due out in July.

Look forward to:

5.13 Ocean Springs, MS - Rusty Robots
5.14 New Orleans, LA - The Saint
5.15 Houston, TX - Mango's
5.16 Austin, TX - Club Deville
5.17 Lubbock, TX - Riprocks
5.18 Las Cruces, NM - Equinox
5.19 Phoenix, AZ - Rogue Bar
5.20 San Diego, CA - Tin Can Alehouse
5.21 Los Angeles, CA - Sync Space
5.22 Los Angeles, CA - The Smell
5.24 San Francisco, CA - El Rio (early)
5.25 Eureka, CA - Lil Red Lion
5.26 Portland, OR - Rotture
5.27 Ellensburg, WA - Raw Space
5.28 Olympia, WA - Northern
5.29 Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern (early)
6.1 Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis
6.2 Kansas City, MO - The Foundation
6.3 Bloomington, IN - The Bishop
6.5 Chicago, IL - Permanent Records (In-store @ 5pm)
6.5 Chicago, IL - The Hideout
6.6 Detroit, MI - Majestic Cafe
6.7 Toronto, ON - Double Double Land
6.8 Montreal, QC - Green Room
6.9 Burlington, VT - Monkey House
6.10 Dover, NH - Brickhouse
6.11 Boston, MA - Brookline Cable Access
6.12 Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn
6.13 Baltimore, MD - Penthouse

All shows w/ Future Islands


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Bad Idea Potluck said...

Anyone got a better way to embed a song from a link on here? Or does it only skip on my computer?

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You might want to give this a try:

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