Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fan Art

Bobby over at 7" Atlanta sent me this because we're on the subject of Daria over here and this is kind of in the same style. It was made by Wes West. Oh, man, now I'm having a vision of an episode of Daria with Vivian Girls, like the episode with The Ramones. Can't you just see that? I wonder if the gang would get along with them. They would. Of course they would. But then where would the conflict come from? It'd just be all, "Hey guys, what's up? Great show." The Ramones were on Daria one time, right? That's what my heart says.

On an almost unrelated note, I found this while attempting to check my facts: Tommy Ramone's Favorite Jewish Punks. I seriously didn't know Serge Gainsbourg was Jewish.

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7inchatlanta said...

I can't get over this (which is sort of bad pun-ish).