Sunday, May 16, 2010

122 hours of fear.

OH SNAP BROOKLYN. Looks like there is another wonderful band you should check out before they blow up all over your face like some post-pizza acne.

Triple Hex of Bushwick is a 3 piece who will rip your newly acne ridden face off with their dirty rock and roll and then make some cute noise, justifying the whole ordeal. They play at Beauty Bar Brooklyn (921 Broadway) this Saturday, May 22nd. Do it toooo it.

So when exactly were we trained to give a flying crap about someone's personal life and it's connection to that person's ability to make good judgement calls? Lesbian? Jewish? No children? These all sound like reasons conservatives wouldn't take too kindly to Elena Kagan. Appointing someone straight, with children, and devoutly Christian makes much more sense. I mean right? Pffffft.

Friday nights at Union Pool Brooklyn mean the handsome Ryan Sawyer DJs inside the bar. Stop by. Say hi. Have a PBR or eight. Take a million trips to the bathroom to adjust your lame-ass shoelace headband thingy. (Throw those god awful things away already ladies. It wasn't cute in the first place and it certainly isn't cute four and a half years after you got fired from American Apparel) Listen to music that won't make you want to vomit after all those shots. (Well, you won't be able to blame the jams anyway) Non-caca tunes. On a Friday. IN WILLIAMSBURG. Imagine.

Oh I almost forgot. That whole oil spill thing? It's getting worse everyday and BP won't even let scientists check out the damage "yet". Forget hybrids. Pretty soon we will all have to join the damn fixed gear armies, and not even for cool points or to get laid once in a while. But for actual transportation purposes. I tremble at the thought.

Sad aside, let's end this one with some vintage punk rock pin-ups. (In my humble opinion, those are the only ones worth drooling over nowadays anyway.)

Paul Roessler and Tomata Du Plenty of synth punk band The Screamers make me want to do very bad things to them in this photograph. VERY. BAD. THINGS.

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