Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dudecake in the Month of May, or The Hot Side of Awkward

This dude isn't usually Bad Idea Potluck's type, but the fact that this is a slightly uncomfortable April Fool's gag (the motocross website usually feature's female pin-ups with the bikes) makes it kinda hot, so this video is this month's dudecake installment:

I can't look at it without out damn near spewing coffee out my nose. And who doesn't like a guy that can make them laugh? And Jordan is a cutie in that predictable British-royalty kind of way.

We've been doing a monthly pin-up dude for maybe more than a year now, and we have to report that we've been getting steadily better results from our periodic Google searches for "pin-up boy". Just this week, we discovered Pin-Up NYC Magazine. It showcases boys and girls and (my stars) both are equally lovely. Actually, that's a lie. The Y chromosome side of the site will stop your heart if you are at all into that kind of thing. Big ups to Andy and William.

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