Tuesday, May 4, 2010

when you walk by everynight, talking sweet and looking fine ...

So Mike Bennett, a republican Florida state senator, caught up on his pornotube.com watching during an abortion debate on the FLOOR OF CONGRESS.

Whatever, we all sometimes get these pop-ups, and Mike then had the good sense to vote against the anti-abortion measure saying that it would only make women "feel miserable about this tough choice". The cretinous bill in question was trying to make it so women would have to pay out of pocket for pre-abortion ultrasounds and view images of the soon-to-be discarded fetus. So props, man. Whatever gets you thinking straight. Boobs, snatch, whatevs. I'm down in the name of progress.

Speaking of laws and politics and big huge babies, and weed ... oh, we weren't talking about weed? Well ... now we are. "Mayor" Bloomberg is not only a rich asshole, he's also a hypocrite. How can anyone first incriminate 50,000 people for doing something that has been decriminalized in New York state since 1977, then tax residents almost 100 million dollars in one fiscal year? To add insult to injury, homeboy then allegedly bullied a billboard company to halt plans on raising this billboard off the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway:

Lesson learned. I'm keeping that stuff in my pocket when I'm being searched, and the man can shake it out of me in the privacy of jail. I probably don't have much to worry about though, since I don't actually look very Hispanic. Just say no to loophole misdemeanors, kids. No matter what color you are.

Speaking of the "man"... fuck him:

And happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. Please keep in mind that it's not 4th of July for Mexicans. That would be September 16th, dummies.

OH OH OH OH ... I know you probably already know about this but here I am getting all hyped again! The beautiful Betty White (aka Rose Niland, aka the bomb.com) will be hosting SNL this Saturday. Musical guest is Jay-Z ... "shit will be tight".

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