Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy as a hog in beer

Porkslap 003
May's beer is Porkslap Pale Ale, produced by Butternuts Beer and Ale in Upstate New York. I want you to know that you needn't drink watery brews in this unseasonable weather just because it is suddenly so hot in your apartment that you're ready to kill if your roommate turns on the stove. Nestle into the bathtub, pull a wet towel around your shoulders and crack open one of these guys. 
The happy, gut-bumping pigs on the convenient can will remind you that violence is never the answer, while the relatively low alcohol content will lower the chances that you'll do anything rash. And while it is a light and refreshing beer, the flavor is distinct enough to take your mind off things for as long as your beverage stays cold. (Get your koozies ready.) It would seem the flavor comes from crystal hop and fresh ginger, but I find it has a delicately buttery taste. I guess that's sort of inexplicable. Maybe the heat is getting to me.

Butternut also has an IPA called Snapperhead that I wouldn't mind sampling. But for the next thirty one days Porkslap has officially won my heart.

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