Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dumb Comix/Rocknroll Zines

Cassie Ramone has a zine. It's called Shitty Reality, and it is now into its second issue. Shitty Reality #1 is a loose collection of rad Vivian Girls-esque-abilia, like weird postcards and photos from on tour and even weirder drawings. Number 2 is out now and those of you lucky enough to catch the band on its current tour can pick it up.

I'm starting to prefer picking up my reading material at shows. Even the ones I was too lame and sleepy to go to. (It's always time to rocknroll, unless it is time for a nap.) For instance, recently my boyfriend went to see Holy Shit and all I got was this dumb comic. But I really like it. It's a split comic between Matt Chicorel from Holy Shit and Travis Thompson from Thomas Function (who actually seems to have left the band).

Thompson's half of the volume Drop Dead Dumb is pure degenerate comic joy. The artwork marries the high manner of Dan Clowes to the weird-ass energy of Evan Dorkin, and the story told will absolutely not improve your mind. Buzzpop, the other half, was actually a little stylized for my taste, but as we say around here, cold coffee is better than no coffee and I've been a little hard up for funny papers lately.


7inchatlanta said...

The Thomas Function has fewer members nowadays, so I think they were RIPing his time with the band. At least I hope that's the truth.

Wends said...

:D yew

Anonymous said...

Matt Chic is not in Holy Shit.
he's in Dinosaur Pills and Tabman WK.