Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mr. Sledge's Fantastic Painting Robots

The robot as t-shirt motif or Internet meme couldn't be more passe, but that just makes any encounter with an actual robot all the more thrilling. I have recently made the acquaintance of two artistically inclined robots, and I have to say it may have changed my life by some increment. The Inkbot here, creates a work of art by shooting jets triggered randomly with an ingenious music box-like device. Its friend, the Paint Dipper, takes a more direct approach, dunking boards directly into paint. You may observe these processes in the videos below.

Additionally, you may view the resulting objets d'bot and the artist/robot maker's thoughts on art and technology at Both are certainly intriguing. If we here at the Potluck were about to buy some art, we would definitely see if any part of the Inkbot's oeuvre was available. And we'd certainly rather see a painting robots coffee table book than another Why Cats Paint.

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