Friday, December 4, 2009

Dudecake Double Feature!

I am posting the wonder above with apologies to to welcome you to what you know is on its way. First, I found this TV show on the web called "Dudes in Bed" and I don't understand why it isn't on prime time on Comedy Central instead of that awful man with the sad YouTube videos. There are a few episodes of "Dudes in Bed" on the web and I'm not sure if it is an abandoned project or not.

I felt this episode was most appropriate to our forum here:

Dudes In Bed - Bad Tattoos, Bad Decisions

dot comedy | MySpace Video

And, since this is sort of the holiday edition, I am also informing you of this amazing Lifetime drama, 12 Men of Christmas, which I would sincerely like to watch. It's on tomorrow at 9 p.m., but, with any luck, we will have sold the TV by then.

Here is the trailer:


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