Sunday, October 4, 2009

S 'n' M/Rock 'n' Roll

Maybe this is turning into the Vacation Gallery and Boutique blog, but whatever. The rest of Atlanta just needs to step up its game. Vacation just happens to be where Hunx and his Punx was playing. It's also where Zombie Edie Sedgwick hangs out. This is not my fault.

Balkans opened and spread the sweet crooner punk around. They crawl a little deeper under my skin every time I see them.

And then Hunx and His Punx is pretty much the point of everything. As you can see the radness was a little hard to capture on film. That's how intense it was. It was the punkest pop music ever. And the really hot audience members were treated to the kiss of Seth Bogart's dainty leather flail. (Not pictured.) Threesomes were planned during the set. There's an LP out now. I didn't have cash for it so I'll have to take my chances on finding it elsewhere. Still, my life is now complete.


Anela said...

pictures turned out great. (:

beverly said...

Glad you liked them!