Friday, October 9, 2009

I Understand and Wish to Continue

For this month's dudecake I'd like to direct you to one of the sweethearts of my blogroll. Ligerbeat!
They will soon be changing their name (copyright infringement!?!) but I couldn't wait one second longer to let you know that someone out there is doing exactly what I have been seeking. They are highly focused on dicks, dick jokes and pictures of nice looking young men.

It doesn't get much better than this except that it is only on the blog and this old print edition. I hope someday soon to see these people make a huge multimedia website, a coffee table book and a touring musical revue. I won't be completely happy until they have built a damn media empire under whatever legally sound name they assume. In the meantime, the first issue is pretty sweet and contains, as advertised, what may actually be the world's first midcoitus interview. True story.

Seriously, this is the best indie porn I have yet laid eyes on. Beats the pants off Sweet Action. (I'm always punning on accident. Sorry people.)

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