Saturday, October 10, 2009

Free Beer

This month's beer is actually a beer but it is not a beer I have been able to drink yet. Copenhagen's Free Beer is the world's first open-source beer. The recipe, now in version 4.0, is posted on the website and all are encouraged to brew some Free Beer and even print up the labels also provided on the website and published under a Creative Commons license. Anyone can make it and sell it so long as they adhere to the rules and publish the recipe including any improvements they make. I am adamantly against the inclusion of guarana "for a natural energy boost," but intrigued by the high-concept of this beer. I'd love to tell you what it tastes like but I'm not a brewer and it may take me awhile to find any stateside. Blast. On the other hand, since anyone can make it, its taste probably varies a lot from batch to batch.

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