Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My friends are drunks

I've come to the realization that this blog is essentially a satanic neck tattoo that I keep on the Internet, in terms of finding gainful employment anyhow. It's worse really. I don't even have to show up for an interview. Prospective employers can simply Google my neck tattoo.

So I may as well have it all out now. Some friends of mine from college, Lindsey and Leo, have an ongoing multimedia project called Lush Life: www.livethelushlife.com. It deals with all the finer things in life that have alcohol in them. So, I decided it was pretty germane to my ongoing project over here, especially when Leo told me about the 12 second cocktails. This is their Tumblr page where you can watch little videos where they make uncomplicated cocktails. They have received some enviable viewer responses.

"This kid responded to our 12 second cocktails with his 12 second cocktail," says Leo.

"It's called 'too much rum' and it's rum in a pint glass," he says.

"That's a cocktail?" I ask over a shitty cell phone connection.

"In that you drink it and it has alcohol," he says.

I want these kids to do, like, a guest week on Bad Idea Potluck.

You may view instructions for too much rum HERE.

Its creator is officially the Bad Idea Icon of the June, even if, as Leo has suggested, the "rum" in the video is actually beer.

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