Monday, February 2, 2009

To Plaid Beer!

We here at Bad Idea Potluck would like to start recognizing a special beer each month.
In February, we raise a glass to Old Chub (never mind that the glass itself contains PBR).

The "Scottish Style Ale" produced by Colorado's Oskar Blues Grill and Brewery is an ideal camper's beer because it is incredibly inexpensive in comparison to its 8% alcohol content. Another plus, which helps explain the price: it comes in a plaid aluminum can.

Oskar Blues puts another beer, Dale's Pale Ale, in a can, but Old Chub gets the valentine for being the tastiest beer with a pop top ever.

After some road testing at a house show with a keg, (that may have skewed the results) Old Chub gets the coveted Bad Idea gold star as well. The dashing ale has a way of turning the volume knob on my personality all the way to the right.


monica said...

i know she will be in young blood soon,...meta gary is an artist, gotta work on writing something on that post. ..oh and F beer, but not the kind that comes ina good looking can

Gilighan Qabista said...

I finally took a few days off from driving a taxi in NYC and took off on one of those Chinatown buses to Philadelphia, where I caught up on life with dear old friends, one of whom you know (Elaina Lewis). She happened to be the one host that took me out to taste the hundreds of different beers that fabulous city has to offer. Long live the city of brotherly love.

beverly said...

Dogfish Head is native to that area I believe.