Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Party Planning

Giving toddlers water balloons at a party for mostly adults is just about the best thing for all concerned. It immediately breaks down any intergenerational tension.
Since moving to Atlanta, this has happened twice at parties and I'm eager to repeat the experience. The first time was a grown-up's birthday tea party where most of the guests were ladies in sun dresses and a couple of guys who knew how to hang plus one little girl. When the water balloons arrived the little girl in question refused to pelt her mother. She did throw one onto the table, however, knocking a Long Island ice tea into my lap. That was rad enough.

The second time was at a punk rock house show with a keg in the front yard. At first it offered very little for the two adorable blond toddlers in attendance to really appreciate. That is, until someone pulled out the water balloons. The toddlers, a boy and a girl, instantly became the center of rapt attention as the crowd milling around in the yard took turns encouraging the kids to peg someone. The boy was a little reluctant to really throw them (he was one of those kids who would rather just hand something to you and watch what you do about it) and even the girl wouldn't lob them high enough to wet anything above the ankles. But the important thing is the way it brought everyone together and helped a group of inebriated adults interact with children in a positive way. That's important.

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