Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dudecake #3: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

Unidentified Irish political prisoner/sex bomb, 1857

This Tumblr of long dead hotties preserved with early photography methods is whizzing around the Web, but I thought I'd post about it as this month's dudecake. I love Tumblr as a tool for distributing images of good looking people, and My Daguerreotype Boyfriend is the best example of this that I've seen since since Punks I Like to Fuck. 

As I clicked the link to this site and waited for the page to load I thought, "how hot can these daguerreotype boys be?" Wow, very. I was startled by the endless string of babes totally melting the silver on which they were imprinted. And what's more unattainable, and therefore alluring, than a guy who died long before you were born?

Some images are of historical figures who were, indeed, hot, and these are even more alluringly unattainable. They belong to history, not to you. Sigh.

This Tumblr is brilliant! But, so far, there are only two pages. Support the cause, submit images.

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