Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brilliant Colors is Growing Younger

Brilliant Colors have a new single out! This is awesome because, like the first robin you see in Spring, it brings with it the promise of good times ahead. It presages their forthcoming album Again and Again, which is due out in mid-July. That sounds about perfect considering the track was made for porch weather. Never mind that I don't have porch.

"How Much Younger" is dry and bright and hooky like the songs on their loud, crazy debut Introducing.  But, unlike their earlier songs, this one is washy and sweet, though thankfully they didn't skimp on the backbeat. It makes me want to get some batteries for my boombox and head down to the park. This is significant because Brilliant Colors's debut made me want to go spaz out to them at a sunny outdoor concert. Based on this information, Again and Again promises to be a mellower album from a band that still makes me want to go outside and catch some rays.

Check it out and then put some pants on:

  Brilliant Colors - How Much Younger by Slumberland Records

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