Thursday, July 15, 2010

If you like Merzbow, you'll love I-dosing

I read this Gizmodo article about I-dosing, apparently, these new digital drugs in MP3 form are destroying our youth. I'm listening to this "Gates of Hades" track on YouTube right now. There's a link in the article.
I don't think it's the "full audio" whatever that means, but it is interesting. Probably has a lot of frequencies in it that only teenage ears can hear. I am not high yet, but then I could only lie down with my eyes closed for so long. The article mentioned a droning sound, but it's actually much more annoying than the term "droning" would lead you to believe.

Shoot. It's over. I thought there was a long, quiet "white noise" part at the end, but I just took my headphones off and realized it was only the air conditioner.

I like a lot of harsh, weird things that one might call experimental but I don't really have the attention span to be too into ambient music or, really, electronica for that matter. So I don't think I'll be investigating this I-dosing further, but, apparently it is the newest threat to our youth.

I'm addicted to the Internet as it is.

Here kids, I-dose on this:


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