Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please send a little girl for me to thrill ...

Dead Meadow is a superb musical group.

They happen to have made a film that's showing for free at Piano's in NYC on Monday April 26th!!!! Info here: (DEAD MEADOW THREE KINGS MOVIE IN THE LES). The band and the director are supposed to be there. Should be pretty bomb, etc.

If you have a vagina and think you're not getting paid as much as you should be check this: (NOT GETTING PAID ENOUGH AND NOT GETTING LAID ENOUGH. )

If you happen to be in Las Vegas and eat vegan, but are also very lazy, well ... do I have a treat for you. My friend Amanda and her friend MAKE food for your do-nothing-yet-health-conscious asses. Then they'll even deliver the delectable snackies!!! CHIGGIDY CHECK: (PEAS AND CARROTS LAS VEGAS)

And finally ... since I've been kissing this bands ass left and right and up and down, DON'T FORGET!!!! (Harlem) plays tomorrow with Thomas Function in the Monster Island basement in Williamsburg @8pm (128 River Street at Metropolitan)

I follow them on Twitter and so should you (HARLEM'S TWITTER). They are hilarious in 140 characters or less. (Or I'm just really stoned when I'm Twittering)

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