Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make it Beautiful!

In just a couple of weeks (May 4) The Shondes, one of the bands I got buried under, will release an album called My Dear One. They played LadyFest Las Vegas in, like, 2006 and before they even got to town, I had become a crazed fan based on their song "Your Monster". It's powerfully catchy and I was convinced it related directly to my life. They had a three song demo out then and rocked the auditorium at UNLV. Few indie bands from way out east were making it all the way to Las Vegas at the time so they scored some eternal points with me that way.

Their first full-length, The Red Sea, was a solid album, but I think I was really waiting for this one. They remind me more and more of Rainer Maria and Pretty Girls Makes Graves, but with Yiddish violin. They're quickly becoming one of my favoritest bands. It's been awhile since I picked up an album that was more than fun and exciting. This one also makes me feel stuff. Normally, I avoid art that makes me feel in the same way that I avoid mystery puddles on subway seats. But once I let I let the emo in, I always wonder why I don't do it more often. It's good for you, if you don't overindulge. Maybe four transgendered rights activists advocating justice for Palestine will bring that style back.

Get ready for some grown-up emo balladry:

My Dear One

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