Saturday, April 10, 2010

Have a Blast!

The yucks just keep on coming. This month's chosen brew is the Brooklyn Blast! from Brooklyn Brewery. This brewmaster's special reserve is as elusive as Sasquatch (I had it at Brooklyn Bowl and I'm sure I saw it at C Town not too long ago) but the aroma is much better. I hear Sasquatch kinda smells like ass. The Blast has a notably heavenly aroma, like the scent of the honey locust tree, or some other verdant richness. The flavor totally lives up to the nose hype too. Strong and green, but without harshness, or any rough edges really. It put me in a rare expansive mood.

Sadly, I have little else to offer you about this double IPA deal except its Beer Advocate profile, which at least proves its existence. Perhaps it will be on tap at the brewery.

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