Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eat the Doughnut Muffin

I've been getting my doughnut muffins from Second Stop Cafe on Lorimer St. I thought they invented them until I Googled it and found lots of recipes. It might be some kind of food trend, because I also saw them at a snack stand in Grand Central Station what sold $9 sandwiches.

I like them because, though muffins are supposedly a healthier breakfast than doughnuts, frankly, muffins always spike my blood sugar instantaneously while doughnuts give me a little fuel to run on. That is why people eat doughnuts on the job when there is a real job to do. If you see a muffin eater at work, you know their job isn't as challenging as they probably pretend it is.

When I have a delicious doughnut muffin before me, I know I'll have all the grease I need for an hour or two and I have the more genteel experience of having a muffin with my coffee, which makes me consume it slower.

Eat them. These recipes make it seem like they aren't all that difficult to make either. So, like, make me some:

Doughnut Muffin

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