Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Dudecake: Male Bag

I was wondering when I would get to use that pun. I'm rolling it out because Perry in Atlanta sent us this saucy photo of Jello Biafra circa 1987 and I am designating it as this month's official pin up. Perry saw it and thought of us. Such submissions delight the blogger's heart and those socks are kind of turning me on. Feel free to send us any semi-nude pictures of seminal punkers turned political-minded spoken word artists that you happen to have going spare.

Of course we realize this might not be enough dude for some of you and we surely understand. If that is the case, let us direct you to An Occasional Man. It is a pin-up dude publication nonpareil for ladies with taste, created by ladies who are themselves much sought after pin-up models. Somehow, I think that must make all the difference. Mastermind Bettina May does a fabulous job of explaining herself:


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Ha hah ha ha. Wait, does he look like you or like your dad?