Thursday, April 8, 2010


Just so you all know, the beginning of the movie Adventures in Babysitting is basically how I start each and every day of my life. FYI, ETC ... The Crystals, a bitching tartan poufy skirt, leaping through my eau de toilette ... everything except the douchey bro. (I am currently douchey bro-less, but feel free to fill out an application and start the line to my left, fellas)

Hey Williamsburg-ites  ... Williamsburgians? Williamsburgonians? Whatever you call yourself, check it:

Off of Metropolitan and Grand, there is a street named Betty "Moe" Trezza Way. The other night, on my way with some friends to a rooftop BBQ, we walked by this street and I was all "Lolz, What girl gets the nickname Moe???!! Bahahaha." My friend Sara suggested I look up this unfortunate lady, and as it turns out I am psyched we accidentally walked past at all.

Betty "Moe" Trezza played for the Racine Belles All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. She was born and raised, then later died in Williamsburg, on the very street now named for her. Betty Spaghetti!!!! The woman, the myth, REALIZED on the streets of the east 'Burg.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. If you need something fun to do on Friday that involves musical treats and dancing until wee hours with Master Jonathan Toubin and his pal from SF Primo, please hit this party up proper:


jamie said...

a) I was JUST talking about my love of Adventures in Babysitting with my 16 year old cousin, who just saw it for the first time!

b) I am pretty much always talking about Betty Spaghetti and other A League of Their Own-related things because I love that movie, as well.

c) Yay for posts on Williamsburg and also Greenpoint! I hope that we can meet up/hang out at a sweet punk show somewhere in NYC this summer, if you'll still be around.

Bad Idea Potluck said...

For clarity's sake, this is a post by our new writer Joie. But we should all hang. Me personally, I still haven't seen a league of their own. But now I want to.