Wednesday, March 10, 2010

White Snake Rules

The beer of the month is Coney Island Albino Python. I was drawn to the sexy label (good graphic design always triumphs over my powers of reason) and the words "white lager brewed with spices." I usually like a beer like that, but I still felt like a sucker for buying a beer largely because it said "Coney Island" on it and promised "a sensual dance of provocative hops and spices." But Shmaltz Brewing of New York (and San Francisco) apparently believes in truth in advertising.

I drank Albino Python staring out the window onto the snowy lot behind my building. It tasted warm and light and honeyed and spicy, just like all my pent up dreams of New York in summer. Much like the real New York in summer, Albino Python is also distinctly aromatic and somewhat hazy. 

If, like me, one of your summer dreams is to visit Coney Island when it gets warm, then that constitutes another reason to pick up a big old bottle of this stuff. Proceeds benefit Coney Island USA, an organization dedicated to preserving Coney Island's unique cultural heritage. Buy any one of the Coney Island lagers and you help make sure there will be some heritage left to check out whenever you (or I) get down there.

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Zak said...

Hey there. This is Zak Davis from Shmaltz Brewing Company, the makers of the Coney Island Lagers. Thanks so much for picking up that bottle of Albino Python. I'm really glad you liked it. It's always nice to hear about when someone is sucked in by the marketing but then appreciates the quality of the beer. That's what we're going for. Thanks again for the support. Cheers! ~Zak