Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fan Girl

I wrote a long article based on a recent interview with Cassie Ramone for Stomp & Stammer:
Cassie Ramone's Wild World


7inchatlanta said...

Your article caught my eye the other day (big surprise, right?) while at Elmyr, so I'd been meaning to say "good job".

I'm tickled pink that I'm going to be seeing the Vivian Girls in a little over two weeks, and I'm glad my radio show will debut early enough for me to hype their Atlanta show on air.

Bad Idea Potluck said...

Thanks! Hey, can I listen to your show online? I forget.

7inchatlanta said...

Yeah, it will launch Wednesday at 10 p.m. at If you can't catch it then it'll replay on Sunday at 10 p.m.

I'm going to find out soon if I can openly post an MP3/Podcast of the show on the blog. If not, I'll probably secretly email it to folks who can't listen to the shows when they air.