Thursday, March 11, 2010

Email Bag

I have been getting a lot of links today. Mostly from my boyfriend. They are all significant enough that I felt I should roll them together into some kind of link digest, as they are all on subjects of urgent import to the average Bad Idea Potluck reader. All 30 of you.

Google finally has biking directions!

A history of the breakfast taco

How to get West Coast coffee in a city as backward as New York

Regarding beer

You should be pretty set now.

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Lamppost said...

RE: Coffee

The NY Times' list is pretty exhausting, but they forgot Brooklyn Standard (188 Nassau Ave.) and El Beit (158 Bedford Ave.)

They should have also added that the Standard and the two Variety coffee shops serve Stumptown, so you don't have to shlep into Manhattan for it. (They also serve it ground by the bag, so you can take some home.)

The Variety on Graham Avenue is my favorite coffeeshop in the city.