Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keegan Super Kitty

Keegan Super Kitty is January's beer of the month. It is a seasonal version of Keegan Ales's Hurricane Kitty. I've chosen it largely because the name sounds like a riot grrrl band to me and that is reason enough. Reason enough, at least, to try it at Barcade a few weeks ago. I was not disappointed by the flavor of this hoppy, complex and powerful beer. It's brewed from excess of the Hurricane Kitty recipe and, at 12 percent alcohol, it packs a wallop worthy of Bikini Kill. (Actually, Super Kitty and Hurricane Kitty are named for the brewmaster's grandmother, who must be awesome.) Name aside, it's the sort of hardcore beverage called for in a bitter month like this one.

Keegan Ales, is located in Kingston, NY. As a new (returned, whatever) resident of New York, I feel I should familiarize my self with local brews. Any suggestions? I'm starting here at Gotham-imbiber.com

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