Monday, January 11, 2010

Girl Style Revolution

So, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I'm really getting into fashion blogs, especially the ones where women doll themselves up and then post pictures of themselves. Part of it is pure escapism for me, and part of it is that some of them are really, really good and smart. They also provide me with relief from the images of women that I encounter in typical media, say, while I'm waiting for the train.

A lot of the early buzz I heard about the DIY fashion blogs was like, "Oh, god, those girls are so vain. Oh, god, this is so vacuous." But for me they present a reclaiming of style from the glossies. These are pictures of actual girls out there, all over the world, as opposed to pictures of models in Harper's Bazaar. Those latter pictures don't do much for me, being more or less entirely CGI at this point. Real girls going, "Check out my hotness (and my Etsy site)", on the other hand, might just turn me into a fashion junkie. I'm going to close my eyes now and pretend it's an all out revolution 

Fairydah is my new, new favorite, but I have one, like, once a week now. Please see: I Like Your Blog.

Now, instead of stealing content from one of the aforementioned blogs I love, I think I will satisfy the imperative to include art in a post like this by showing you pictures of things I like on the Giant Peach. I think of it as a goth-rock-meets-hip-hop-on-a-cold-day-in-Tokyo kinda thing. You can just pretend I over-accessorized and took a picture:


With socks like these, who needs shoes. I'll just stay in.

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