Monday, November 23, 2009

Hate Watch

It's baby's first podcast! Maybe. If I've listened to any others, I don't remember them. I'm a pretty tardy adopter. If you know me, or you have been reading this blog, you will probably not be surprised that the podcast I have imprinted on is called The Hatecast. It comes from The Onion and Amelie Gillette.

Have you heard this? It's very good. Her subtly dead-pan inflection is at once uniquely soothing and exquisitely passive aggressive. Plus, she brings me all the things in popular culture that I would totally hate if I hadn't managed to avoid knowing about them and then she hates on these things for me and for all the right reasons. It's like a scalp massage for the soul. I encourage you to hear how she feels about harem pants. I haven't determined yet if this is going to exacerbate my sense of alienation from the world around me or reliably take the edge off.

I had no idea podcasts were so easy to consume. I always avoided them because I felt certain they would be some kind of undertaking. I see now that I could very easily become a junkie.

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