Thursday, October 22, 2009

Consumerism: A Love Story

I go on jags of stalking ethical footwear on the Internet. The good looking, vegan, non-sweatshop sneaker is the holy grail of my quest. I tear my hair at the wasted opportunities represented by the heinous shoes from the houses of AdBusters and TOMS. Autonomie Project has sort of solved my problem as far as sportswear goes. Someone there apparently has both ethical vision and eyes. I want them to be the new American Apparel. (Does American Apparel make a sneaker? No. They don't.) I don't know when I'll be budgeting a new pair of sneakers, but just going to their website lowers my blood pressure. I like everything from Keep too. Mostly because they are made by a woman with women in mind.

Oh, but dress shoes are another problem. A lot of the vegan/ethical brands can be a little far over on the utilitarian side but yesterday I found a winner. Neuaura shoes are simply the sexiest non-fetish pleather to be found. Check it out.