Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back in Black (and orange)

You don't need to push too hard to get me to dress up and pretend to be a rock star. So when I was invited to dress up like Angus Young and join an army of Angi for Stomp and Stammer's showing in the Little Five Points Halloween parade, well, I was there with "Hells Bells" on. (In the interest of bad pun prevention, I'll try to keep this short.) Unfortunately, I wound up looking a lot more like Max Fischer from the movie Rushmore, which is why I'm posting these other great pictures from yesterday's rad festivities.

I wanted to avoid Halloween because I have a lot going on right now. But I got invited to be in the parade and then I found a pumpkin in the parking lot after Where the Wild Things Are and now my friend Monica has picked out an awesome team costume for us and I have two Halloween party invitations. So it's like I don't really have a choice. I'll grow up next year.

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