Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Month, Another Beer

This month's beer isn't incredibly exotic. Like the month of September, it is just cheery and refreshing. If it was a person it would be a friendly looking girl in a canary yellow dress, who you might consider marrying. I really like this beer and I am not usually a fan of wheat beers. I like it because it is different and complex but not at all intense.

Introduced in March, the kellerweis hefeweizen is a new addition to the Sierra Nevada beer family. I'm told the name kellerweis means "cellar beer" and the Sierra Nevada web site informs me that it is made using the open fermentation process. That must be why it is such an open, friendly kind of beer.

I have chosen it as this month's beer of the month because I haven't yet gotten around to trying Sam Goldman's recommendation: the dark and mysterious Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale.
But mark my words, I will.

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