Monday, August 31, 2009

The Secret Life of Tiny Hats

I find these hats incredibly inspirational. They come from the Ministry of Tiny Hats, which just sounds like something out of South American magical realist fiction. But the ministry exists in real life. That means, in real life, I could buy that beehive hat and wear it everyday, everywhere.

It creates a conundrum. Would I first need to overhaul my merely serviceable personality and create one fabulous enough to match such an accessory? Or would the hat itself exert some kind of power over me, gradually turning me into a full-time magical fairy godmother/dominatrix/interstate woman of mystery? I think first I'd like to observe the effects of tiny hats on others.


Anonymous said...

I recently bought a tiny hat from The Ministry of Tiny Hats. I wore it to a High School reunion happy hour thing. My tiny hat made ME happy. It made my sister laugh. It made my former classmates wonder, but none of them worked up the nerve to ASK about the tiny hat. I suspect they just knew it was proof that I am that much cooler than they are.

Jeanne said...

I am the proud owner of that cute little pink layered cake number with the red pom-pom on top...I display it in my studio, so I get to see it every day...I walk by and it makes me smile, even when it is just sittin' there! And well I wear it, well... let's just say a good time is had by all!