Thursday, August 6, 2009

Johnny's Pizza

While I'm on the pizza tip, I had a recent transcendent pizza experience. Twice! I had to go back a second time to be sure Johnny's Pizza was really that good because I was retarded starving the first time around. There was the possibility that I just hallucinated perfect New York style pizza out of a deep psychological and gastrointestinal need.

It was hard to believe I'd found such perfect pizza because of all the times I have eaten supposedly "New York Style" pizza in joints across this great nation of ours and been forced to come to grips with the fact that, outside of New York, very few people even seem to know what the words mean.

But the second time was just as good. It's actually better than your average place in New York City. And it only burned the roof of my mouth a little bit. Then "Mirror in the Bathroom" by the English Beat came on the radio. Was I dead? Was I in heaven? Nope, just in Decatur. Turns out, there's about a bujillion Johnny's Pizza locations throughout the south. Does that mean it's not a special, magical place? Can every location be this perfect? I'll just have to go to other Johnny's locations and find out.

To keep the pizza theme going I'm going to have to check out this Pizza Party band I keep hearing about.

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