Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I quit the awesome job I was training for at the food co-op so I can focus on my writing. That is to say, I have deadlines and I think if I work this job I won't meet them. All but one of the publications I write for pays me, but still, quitting any job in this economy feels like running off a cliff.

On the other hand, ruining my sterling record of turning in decent copy on time will make me feel like jumping off a cliff. I decided to go with the lesser of two fuck-up moves. I'm not even going to go back on unemployment because I'm not looking for a real job. (Immediate back story: had sweet writing job, got laid off.) At least provisionally, I'm just looking for a couple more paying writing gigs.

So far, the people close to me are okay with it and my acquaintances are mostly just disappointed that I was all nice and apologetic about it, dropping off my neatly folded apron with downcast eyes instead of busting out with both middle fingers blazing.

Oh, well. This is Bad Idea Potluck, not Shitty Idea Potluck.

Feel free to rate my level of idiocy on a scale from one to ten and start a pool to see how long it is before I am applying to work at Caribou Coffee. Also, feel free to get me the t-shirt pictured above from web comic artist Natalie Dee's web store. I'm a medium.


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