Monday, March 9, 2009

Momar vs. Screaming Females

My cat Momar doesn't contribute much to our collective well being. I have, however, trained him to review records and CDs for me. He's totally unbiased about music. And he can't read, so he won't be swayed by the blandishments of press releases or Vice. With him you get a pure response. You should have seen the sensitive way his ears started twitching when Sean put on a Colin Newman album yesterday.

A few days ago I tried Screaming Females' first album Baby Teeth out on him. The results were striking but inconclusive. During side A he stalked from on end of the house to the other. First, he crouched facing the front door with his nose a few inches from the threshold, as if he sensed an intruder. By the last song he was crawling through the living room, low on his haunches, stopping only to glare at the stereo. Once he made it to the kitchen, he proceeded to crouch in front of the back door. I should stress that, most of the time, all he does is lay around. In fact, most of the time, he's asleep.

He chilled out during side B. Personally, I think his reaction to side A was uncalled for but I'll admit that there was a lot of rock on there for him to process, especially for a three piece band. It only gets thicker on their second album What If Someone is Watching Their TV?

I haven't played their forthcoming album Power Move for him yet, but I will. The first track is called "Bell" and it is going to take me a long time to get sick of it.

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the wizard!! said...

totally had trout review perfumes for me the other day. He doen't like any of them, but on the bright side he made really funny faces while reviewing! Then he was pissed at me for about a day.
all in all WORTH IT!

beverly said...

Cats are supposed to have an acute sense of smell. This is a good idea.