Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sniffing glue

If you've heard of the Demeter Fragrance Library you are probably familiar with the boozy perfumes they carry at Urban Outfitters like, "Gin and Tonic" or "Sex on the Beach." All of the scents in the library smell uncannily like their namesakes, including the more unusual ones like "Condensed Milk." They also have "Glue."
I really had to be all immature and ask them to send me some under the dubious pretext of this publication.

They actually sent me a small bottle of glue scented Pick-Me-Up cologne spray. (I never heard back from the MD 20/20 people.)

It really does smell like airplane glue. There's an after-hint of bubblegum but it brings back some vivid and poorly-ventilated sense memories the second it hits your nostrils.

The Web site insists, in priggish capital letters, that "NO it will NOT make you high" but I'm definitely wearing too much of it now and starting to feel light headed.

To be fair, getting free stuff in the mail makes me a giddy. Plus, anything from spicy Indian food to topical Benadryl gel can make me feel like I'm floating. So, I'm sure they know what they're talking about.
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