Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roman Intellectuals

I heard the song "A Cheap Religion" and couldn't help but order this Shit Music for Shit People tape release of The Intellectuals's In the Middle of Darkwhere. They're from Rome and they play dark rockabilly and R&B with lots of machine noise and a steel splinters ground in. I was a little afraid of getting some in my eye the whole time I was listening to side A. They remind me of Black Time or like a hayseed version of Lost Sounds.

The unmarked tape comes in a plastic baggie with a download code and a post card of a tasteful nude, so it's well worth the Euros and the album might be my actual true summer playlist. With songs like "The Joke is on the Sun," it's perfect for everything I have planned, such as staying inside and nursing my reverse seasonal affective disorder.

Dig it:
  The Intellectuals - A Cheap Religion by smfsp

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