Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jet Rock 'N' Roll Dreams

A long cherished dream came true last night! I finally saw Guitar Wolf in concert! They played the Knitting
Factory with Cheap Time!

As often happens when my dreams cross over into reality, I spent most of the night screaming. In this case it was because the show was loud and fun as I ever imagined and I can now die happy.

It was a little disappointing that Guitar Wolf's mic didn't shoot real flames like in Wild Zero. Maybe the Knitting Factory said no. But three encores more than made up for a lack of literal pyrotechnics. During the second one, Guitar Wolf/Seiji/Most Amazing Frontman Ever got a few members of the audience to climb up and form a human pyramid at the very edge of the stage. It was so that he could climb to the top of the pyramid and have someone pass him the mic so he could finish singing "Koukosei Action." This man is an icon of bad ideas.

Finally, a memo: the members of Guitar Wolf are allowed to wear leather pants. You are not.

All Photos Credit: Ann Yoo. Thanks again.


Jamaal said...

Holy Shit! I didn't even realize you had already seen them when I sent you that text! There's got to be some kind of telepathic-experience-ripple-effect happening.

beverly said...