Thursday, July 1, 2010

I dream of the Snow Queen, but I'll settle for the Beer Fairy

It is hot as woolly balls in my apartment. I'm still poor and I think I have summer seasonal affective disorder. As you might have guessed from the absence of a beer of the month for June, I am on vacation for at least the rest of the summer. Maybe I'll post in September about a way cool new blog that has a point. Maybe I'll return with a renewed sense of purpose. It's a hangnail.

In the meantime, deal with this crazy early sixties all-girl Indonesian garage band, Dara Puspita. Their sound is basically the sound of where my brain is at lately. (Long ago and far away?)

Read some interesting background on the band at Garage Hangover.

And a review of the recently released collection of their songs at Venus Zine.

Or you could just arranged to have it delivered to you in CD form:

Dara Puspita 1966-1968


The Impossible Shot said...

FYI: The June beer of the Month is Harpoon Summer Beer.

Come back soon. The Internet needs you.

Debra McFarlane said...

The Snow Queen image above is by me, Debra McFarlane, and I'd be so grateful if you could put a credit for me with it, as people have shared this on Pinterest (from your page) and wrongly attributed it to Arthur Rackham! Please check my website at to see I'm telling the truth. I'm sure you didn't mean to post it without a credit, but I'd be grateful if up you could correct this. I know it was posted 5 years ago!
Thank you,
Thanks for posting it anyway,
Kind regards
Debra McFarlane

Debra McFarlane said...

Hi Bev,
How can I contact you re my above comment? People are still pinning my picture from your post here, without my name! It's a great worry to me. I know it shouldn't have got on to the web without my name or watermark. Is your blog still active? Please let me know if you see this and can change this post! Many thanks, Debra McFarlane.