Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Festina Peche,

Will you go out with me? I'll buy you a Slurpee and make you the beer of the month for July on my blog ... no? ... oh ... okay ... I think you should still be July's beer of the month. Your tartness and sweetness is just perfect for such a hot yet still lively month.We will need something less robust come the airless little hells of August. But for now, especially in an air conditioned bar, you are the most charming company. It is easy to identify you, you beguiling sour wheat beer fermented with peaches, with the peach girl in your ads in BeerAdvocate.You're not cloying at all. Not like some of those cheap, fruit lambic temptresses.  No, your elusive peachiness is refreshing and genuine. Ah, if I'm rambling it's only because of the way you've turned my head. I apologize. Here, this Dogfish Head man explains it all much better:

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