Thursday, July 29, 2010

Black Math Horseman

I find some of my favorite music wandering through the Internet like a babe in the woods.
Black Math Horseman is the newest of these discoveries. The bit of raw noise lacing the band's stripped down songs makes for a kind of awesome lo-fi metal. Their song "Tyrant" is more like soulful kraut rock though, if you can imagine that. Some of their fans identify them with post-rock but that term would divert attention from  the wild beauty, purity, and fundamental gnarliness of their style. Post-rock isn't inaccurate either, because of the seeming simplicity in their hypnotic music that masks its real sophistication. There's a lot of masking going on here really. The raw metalness tends to hide the bits of goth filigree that's always there on the fringes. A bit like this:

It was this interview with vocalist/bassist Sera Timms at Invisible Oranges that piqued my interest. Her vocals rule.

Their debut album Wyllt, came out last year.

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