Friday, May 7, 2010

Through a Glass Heavily

carnival mirror


I have no idea why, but lately I've been feeling this really weird, intensely poignant nostalgia for heavy metal carnival prize mirrors. I'm haunted by the image of an Iron Maiden decorative mirror hanging in one of those stalls at the fair where you throw darts at under-inflated balloons. I feel a pang of separation from something unrecoverable and I'm not sure what it is. I know I'm not alone in these experiences. Such unexplainable emotions, of course, are a big part of what makes eBay so darned successful.

The thing is, why heavy metal decorative mirrors? I'm not moved by the ones I found online with Garfield or the Michelob logo on them. Not even the ones with unicorns galloping across silvery skyways in pastel metallic tones, and those are the ones I would have actually been drawn to in the '80s. Furthermore, I only started appreciating Iron Maiden a few years ago. At the time that I was exposed to these mirrors, (1989, when I was nine, at the latest) if it wasn't Chuck Berry or Buddy Holly or part of the early British invasion, well, it was barely music as far as I was concerned. I have, however, always found Eddie fascinating in all his ghoulish permutations. But that isn't enough to explain this vision I keep having.

In the 4th grade, I had a friend named Jason who was an avid metal fan. Though metal, to him, was Guns n' Roses and The Beastie Boys. We ruled computer lab. I am sentimental about the high five fest that was our friendship, but that relates in no way to carnivals, mirrors, or even Iron Maiden, really.

It's probably just my subconscious doing a little spring cleaning. Thank goodness that writing about something invariably causes me to lose at least some interest in it. Perhaps I'll be released from this nostalgic episode now. Please enjoy these examples of heavy metal mirror art. And if I have you hankering for more Eddie now, check this site out: Kheldan's Iron Maiden Pit.

Most of the mirrors I found came from this site on Etsy: Anna O. Designs

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