Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bonus Dude!

Frankly, I was shocked when fur came back this year. I mean, I noticed that the pose to perfect of this decade is uniformly not giving a shit. And I noticed that fashion had supplanted music as the obsession to claim. (Thank the guitar gods, more music for me.) But I was not prepared for those two memes to collide in a resurgence of socially acceptable pelt wearing.  (Liking Where the Wild Things Are is not an excuse.) Memo to L Train: Yes, the '90s are back. That means it's time to be socially aware and participate in a damn beach clean up. It's also time for rockers to be sensitive and wear their hearts on their sleeve tattoos (for PETA?):

Dave Navarro for PETA
Find out more at

He looks good. I have the sudden and very uncharacteristic desire to listen to Jane's Addiction.

Oh, and if you have to do the look (probably not in this weather I know, but some of you are batshit) we consider faux preferable to vintage. Consider Coquette Faux Furriers.

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