Thursday, April 29, 2010


I can feel the temps rising. Or maybe I'm just going through early stages of menopause. Either way, 'tis the season for concert cruise time. I mentioned this here before, but next Friday's cruise should MOS DEF be the snacks. (The 'snacks' means the 'shit', 'cool', 'insert whatever word you use for rad'.) So, Justin Pearson of The Locust , Some Girls, and proprietor of 31G records is bringing his Dim Mak project, All Leather aboard a cruise.

Brooklyn via Baltimore via Australia's The Death Set plays as well.

Further info on these cruises here .

Let's say for some godforsaken reason you end up in the West Village. You are sick of rubbing shoulders with the fratty faux bohemians on West 4th and just want to chill, talk some shit, drink some beer, maybe listen to some righteous punk rock jamz for a couple of hours. Look no further than a little spot that's been open for about two years on Minetta and MacDougal (124 MacDougal to be exact). It's Rabbit Club! Never before have I taken friends to a bar (in this 'hood especially) and have them leave not only really drunk but also raving about how "FUCKING AWESOME" the actual bar is. There is no sign, just a small "124 Rabbit Club" printed above the basement entrance door. No windows or clocks...just like Vegas. Minus the crappy tourists and horrible music. Ok so nothing like Vegas. My apologies.

Sort of romantic mixed with the right amount of dirty little secret, this place will make you a believer. In what? Import beer and wine only bars. Punk rock in dark places. Hanging out in the city yet NOT in the LES or East village.

The president of the club is a CBGB's alum that owns stuff like this:

...So you know you might be in for an excellent musical conversation at least. HUGE HINT: If you want to get laid, you should probably take your significant other/person you bang once in a while here. (Or go anywhere else in this neighborhood and wait for them to be inevitably roofied, I guess..)

It should also be mentioned that this place by far contains my favorite bathroom in an NYC bar. EVER.

In closing, the delicious Jonathan Toubin is back in the city from his travels... in HELL. Hit this up tomorrow, Friday April 30th, yallz:


Bad Idea Potluck said...

I like this "the snacks".

joie said...

it's something from vegas. i am pretty sure tyler/"cheese" says it all the time still.