Friday, April 16, 2010

OH snaps, SON!

Last October, I saw a band called Harlem from Austin, Texas play a Matador Records showcase in the city. This performance was so impactful to my drunk then 24 year old brain that I bought a t shirt of theirs 2 sizes too big for me and a copy of their self release Free Drugs as soon as they were finished playing. When they came out and played in New York again this past February, I freaked out and saw them and stood in the front and was one of those big mouthed girls who knew every word.

You know you've seen this big mouthed bitch around. You want to smack her sometimes. She's probably checking out your boyfriend (OH don't you get your panties in a damn wad, he is more than likely checking her out too), chewing gum obnoxiously, and twirling her hair like a twit. Hi pleased to meet you. That girl is me. Next time, you can at least say hello as I eye-bang your man.

So, ok yesterday I was using the facilities, catching up on my reading and such when lo and behold! A Harlem interview in Nylon Guys! I was beyond excited. I stayed in the bathroom to read the article even after i was, um, finished with my business. "This must be a sign!!!!", I thought to myself. It's not everyday I take a shit and one of my new favorite bands is staring up at me from the floor by the toilet. (OKOK, that's only happened twice in the past to me, but it doesn't count if they are physically in the shitter with you.)

Anyways, I'm soooo right and it was a sign. Harlem is playing Brooklyn next Friday, April 23rd in the Monster Island basement (128 River Street @ Metropolitan in Williamsburg)


Make it happen. You have a week. Don't disappoint me, guys. Let's leave that to my father.

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Lamppost said...

I saw these guys about a year ago, with The Duchess and The Duke. Their lead singer kept wiping his nose with his hand in a most ominous matter. That aside, the band was fantastic, and I am going to this.