Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Coney Island of my Mind


coney island
The sequined slippers from the dollar store are what it looks like I'll be kicking around in this summer. But Vegan Shoe Addict has brought these shoes from Everyday Apparel to my attention. They're like TOMS but they don't look the least bit like diapers for your feet. Fascinating. Also, recycled, vegan, fair trade. I would like them so that I can say that my shoes are a better person than I am.

But these geniuses have made an entire line of affordable, cool, and ethical clothes. Without creepy soft-core porn ads! Lookit!

I could be set for an endless summer with these guys. It seems like they are an aptly named label. The clothes seem so inviting, like you would more or less want to live in them.

It's getting easier to find ethical clothes that you would actually want to wear. But they tend toward the bohemian side. Now, where are my fair-trade, wool-free, organic Ann Taylor knock-offs for my next job interview? Sorry, but it's always on to the next challenge with me.


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