Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blood and Gorey

I've wondered for awhile if public-television chic was even possible. I used to work for a book catalog that sold bookish accessories as well. Through them, I have a lovely silver bracelet cast with part of a sonnet on it and I used to have a necklace with a pen on it before I decided that was taking things too far. Geek chic and the whole rad librarian thing work great but that's more along the lines of the Reading is Sexy sticker on my fixed gear and not so much along the lines of the over-sized sweatshirts celebrating books, cats, and wine available through the Signals catalog. But that is exactly why I, in my uncontrollable perversity, want to find a way to bring Signals style into the world of street fashion. Because it probably can't be and you probably shouldn't try.

That is why I love the lit-goth accessories and apparel from the Edward Gorey House Store. They kind of straddle the line between cool and really pushing the limits. Some things you can't do ironically. But this outlet offers some of the best bat jewelery around. And there's stuff for dudes too. Bat cuff links for instance. And garments that say "Real Men Read." On the proper dude, such a t-shirt could definitely boost bangability. Maybe. We need to conduct more research.

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